Swedish Dishcloth sponge with scrub

All My Delight 3-Pack Swedish Dishcloth Scrub and Swipe with Clever Scrubbing Surface for Easy Remove of Dried-on Food-Ecofriendly! 

SUPER EFFECTIVE What’s unique about this Scrub and Swipe Dishcloth is that there’s help on the washing up sponge whenever you need it – 2 functions in 1. One dishcloth absorbs 20X its weight and will replace 17 rolls of paper towels.

CLEVER SCRUBBING SURFACE A classic cloth with a clever scrubbing surface to quickly and easily remove tough stains like dried-on food, jam or anything else that needs scraping off.
ECO-FRIENDLY This super absorbent sponge-like dishcloth is an Eco-friendly alternative to sponges and paper towels.

NON SCRATCH SURFACE The scrub pad is a non-abrasive pad made of nylon and will not scratch surfaces such as Teflon, tile, stovetops, bathtubs, and sinks.

REUSABLE OVER AND OVER Use them with water and soap. They are reusable and washable. You can wash the cloth in the top rack of your dishwasher. Do not tumble dry.

Supersoft dishcloth sponge

Don´t you think this JEANS BLUE dishcloth looks great? They are hard and stiff when dry, but soften immediately when wet and are ultra absorbent. This SUPERSOFT dish sponge is also perfect for use as a face-towel/cloth. It´s smooth to the skin. It replaces your facial tissues as well.

Tired of flowers and horses on your dishcloth sponge? This trendy black dishcloth suits perfect in a trendy home!